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18 Legal Medical Marijuana States and DC

The use and cultivation of Medical Marijuana is a higher possession rate, working it's way through 18 States and yes DC.

Residency Requirement - 16 of the 18 states require proof of residency to be considered a qualifying patient for medical marijuana use. Only Oregon has announced that it will accept out-of-state applications. It is unknown if Delaware will accept applications from non-state residents once the program is established.

Several states with legal medical marijuana have received letters from their respective United States Attorney's offices explaining that marijuana is a Schedule I substance and that the federal government considers growing, distribution, or possession of marijuana to be a federal crime regardless of the state laws. These letters have caused some states to delay or alter implementation of their medical marijuana programs.

Update Dec 6th 2012:

The law made it legal for those over 21 to possess and use up to an ounce (28 grams) of marijuana. A number of US states have already legalized pot for medicinal purposes, but Washington is the first allowing it purely for fun.
This is going to bring a prospect of 25 percent tax revenues levied on legally sold marijuana, money which previously stayed strictly in the underground economy. Also I understand their going to make legal Marijuana cheaper even with the state tax then what a drug dealer can sell it for. Wow, are we actually moving to a new economy that not only benefits medical use but to create a new breed? "Ganja-preneurs."

"But the police department believes that, under state law, you may responsibly get baked, order some pizzas and enjoy a Lord of the Rings marathon in the privacy of your own home, if you want to."

A Guide to Legal Marijuana Use In Seattle

18 States

Well this is serenity a battle going on between the States and Federal government. Some 8 petition were signed to legalize Marijuana and this is the response.

What We Have to Say About Legalizing Marijuana. When the President took office, he directed all of his policymakers to develop policies based on science and research, not ideology or politics. So our concern about marijuana is based on what the science tells us about the drug's effects. (full article)

Much research is going on over seas were Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research has shown that cannabis extract proved twice as effective as a placebo. It also helped with pain, spasms, and sleep.

RESULTS: Just under 30 percent of subjects treated with cannabis extract experienced relief from muscle stiffness, making their success rate almost double that of the placebo group. Pain, spasms, and sleep quality were also improved in the treatment group to about the same extent. At the end of the twelve weeks only one in four patients were taking the maximum daily dose of 25 mg of cannabis. None of the side effects experienced by those in the treatment group were particularly severe. Most occurred during the first two weeks of the trial (when they were allowed to increase their dosage) and were therefore probably attributable to the rapid dose escalation.

CONCLUSION: Cannabis extract was confirmed as a viable treatment option, and an effective form of pain relief, for those experiencing muscle problems associated with MS.

Cannabis And Cannabinoid Research

Cannabis Science Inc.: Works with World Authorities on phytocannabinoid science targeting critical illnesses. Adhering to scientific methodologies to develop, produce, and commercialize phytocannabinoid based pharmaceutical products.

Europe is pushing this and for good reason, we need a new economy, the boost on pharmaceutical industries in the US and around the world. According to president and CEO Dr. Robert Melamede, CSI "What we're seeing is a global revolution that's going to end this insane prohibition against cannabis in this country. Who in their right mind would outlaw an anti-aging drug that kills cancer cells and uses the same activity that's found in mother's milk?"


Well until this gets hashed out, this just might be the next Gold Rush.

Some comments on this:

I live in Colombia and I have seen how violent and hard has been the war against the drugs. Thousands of deaths, millions expended and people here only have to go to the next bloc park and buy some pot for like 50 cents USD.
Now I read the news and your PD are writing funny blogs about how you can use it now. That my friends is what I call social evolution. I hope someday my country learn this from you and here we all could live in peace... and listening to some Bob Marley.
Peace. Jools

Feel free to relocate to a state where it's illegal and still priced according to your liking.

That just means the people on the streets can bump their prices up and make even more.
Rad Roachs

Not trying to be a downer just saying not EVERYONG, likes weed and regardless if you read the rules it can't be used in public.

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Black Friday Comes

OK this could mean good for the economy, aside from the reaction to Black Friday this out cry for stuff on sale should stick a nerve. I mean if the industry analyzes this you could migrate the enthusiasm to spread out through the calendar year. Yeap! it comes down to how much? So retailers' need to mix it up a little and tap this full blown calling to products.

Seeing this,  would be like leaving the refrigerator door open for my Dog!

Perfect example of product hype,  lives in this film as the doors open!

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Walmart Black Friday Fighting Over Phones During 2012,  Steve Jobs you Sir are a genius!

Some comments on Black Friday:

Black Friday sure looks fun...

Worst than an Asian fish market

If I was in that crowd I would get clausterfobic and die

Click Mute, and Imagine all the Zombie movies you've seen....

American Traditions got to love em!!!

Can someone please tell me where the economy is lacking? Surely not in America so stop BSn everyone and get your damn ass out there and get a damn JOB!!!!!!

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"Black Friday"

In Los Angeles, the LAPD deployed dozens of extra officers around the city on Friday, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Everyone is there the young and the supposedly mature. Because if you can't get a bargain on a gadget in the next few hours, what are you?

Bridget Jewel told The Pioneer Press: “Last year we experienced a large influx of youth, more than we had anticipated. We don't want it to turn into a place for people to come and hang out."

JC Penney store at 1:30 a.m. in Kentwood, Michigan, reports WOOD-TV. Police had to use pepper spray to stop the angry shoppers.

Philadelphia Walmart, a fight broke out in the electronics section as buyers fought over $200 television sets.

In Covington, Washington, a couple were reportedly run down by a drunk driver in the parking lot of a Walmart on Thursday night.

Early this morning in Georgia, shoppers nearly rioted near a display of cell phones.

Great tune for when the Black Friday Army of Shoppers come, ah might need tanks next year.  Nah,  just more sales!

When Black Friday comes,  I'll stand down by the door and catch the grey men when they dive from the fourteenth floor.  Gonna strike all the big red words from my little black book.

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States Petition to Secede from The Union

Wow looks as though we'er on the brink of another civil war. Odd that the movie Lincoln is playing in theaters as these petitions started showing up to allow states to secede from the United States, peacefully, at The White House, (We the People, Your Voice In Our Government) after the election. 

Now this is the petition from Texas, why this state want's out.
Peaceful grant the state of Texas to withdraw from the United States of America and create it's own New government.

"The US continues to suffer economic difficulties stemming from the federal government's neglect to reform domestic and foreign spending. The citizens of the US suffer from blatant abuses of their rights such as the NDAA, the TSA, etc. Given that the state of Texas maintains a balanced budget and is the 15th largest economy in the world, it is practically feasible for Texas to withdraw from the union, and to do so would protect it's citizens' standard of living and re-secure their rights and liberties in accordance with the original ideas and beliefs of our founding fathers which are no longer being reflected by the federal government".

But Austin wants to stay with the union and be seceded from Texas if this goes through. Now other states have all petitioned to secede from the union and with that a petition is made on all people wanting to secede.

Strip the Citizenship from Everyone who Signed a Petition to Secede and Exile Them

Mr. President, please sign an executive order such that each American citizen who signed a petition from any state to secede from the USA shall have their citizenship stripped and be peacefully deported.

On any of theses petitions it need a 25,000 vote in order for the White House to consider the petition within 30 days of that petition starting. As of right now a total of 102,105 electronic signatures have signed the Texas petition.

This might make you feel better, 

Keep the United States United (Petition)

The United States of America was founded on principles of democracy and cooperation. We have gone through over two centuries of triumph and turmoil, but more importantly,we have done so as a united country.
Times have been tough for all of us; some states are frustrated to the point of petitioning for secession, but now is not the time to be divided.Their actions can only harm our country. The best way to help the American people is not through bipartisan bickering, secession, or the general lack of cooperation that runs rampant in our country. The best and only way to help the American people is by continuing to be “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
We the undersigned implore the Administration to do everything in its power to keep our nation united.

Also a petition for all states that want to secede from the Union will have to pay their share of the national debt, make sense.

Force all states to pay their portion of the national debt before they can secede from the union. (petition)

Residents of all states who wish to secede from the union should be required to take their own advice about ‘personal responsibility’, and pay their share of the national debt before being released to fend for themselves.
This debt must be paid in full, or they cannot leave.
This means no federal assistance, period.

Before any of us break apart you might want to go view the movie Lincoln, for we have been down this road before. Remember united we stand divided we fall.

White House Petitions

Government Reform and states by the numbers who want out!

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Occupy- Police and thieves

A tribute to Occupy, your noticed around the world for the stand you have taken against crooked corporations who have robbed the public.

The Wall Street gangsters have gotten American tax payer dollars and are now using this money to hire attorneys and lobbyist to fight regulations. From derivatives, swaps, sub-prime mortgages, Repo 105 & 108 account practices, who can you trust? Well actually this is why Greece has failed they bought into this not knowing what they bought and have paid dearly for it! It's understood that no one entity can explain all the tools in financial trading today, so with that are you going to invest your money if you don't know how and why it works? But a broker or trader along with fund managers tells you, by investing in these modern mechanisms it brings your debt down and so the investor believed this would work for them. As this unfolded the only ones cashing in were the financial institutions who created them.

Now for the next gold rush and what will they create, for the fact of the matter is no profits have been higher since Hedge Funds created in 1968. Mirroring the earlier booms in financial speculations in performance fees-structured investment vehicles of the 1920s and 1960s, during the 1990s the number of hedge funds increased significantly, with investments provided by the new wealth that was created during the 1990s stock market rise. During the first decade of the new century, hedge funds regained popularity worldwide and in 2008, the worldwide industry held US$1.93 trillion in assets under management. However the 2008 credit crunch was hard on hedge funds and they declined in value and hampered "liquidity in some markets" causing some hedge funds to restrict investor withdrawals. What does this mean, the financial institutions are battling right now in Washington (the hand that fed them) so they can create the next gold rush. Lets face it, after the profits from the financial melt down their not going to be satisfied with small percentage gain, what is the fun in that?

This is like a junkie looking for the next fix, the financial melt down was a super high in profits never seen, thus greed always finds an endless field of conquest and leaves the man endlessly dissatisfied. Watch who you do business with and know what your investing in. Even though MIT math majors are working in finance today, this is not rocket science because if you don't know how it works you won't launch, hell you won't even go out to the pad to see if it does fly. Simple for all of us, if you do not like the way a corporation is doing business don't buy what it sells in service or products, make them earn it. Grade them as if in school, a passing grade earns business a falling grade will close their doors. Best advice for anyone anymore is, don't depend on advice to as where to put your money, education is expensive and we are broke. Take the time to learn to what is available and who is behind it.

In an anonymous survey of CFOs last year, the study found that at least 20% of companies are "managing" earnings and using aggressive accounting methods to legally alter the outcome of their earnings reports.

What may surprise you is that these accounting methods used by CFOs to "manage" the numbers are completely legal.

Occupy This!

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Back to Work Everybody

I think,  just maybe our sinking Titanic has found a way to start a bilge pump, man I hope it starts!

The next 53 days are crucial. That's how much time Washington has to come together to stop taxes from going up for 114 million middle class families. That's how much time we have to figure out the right way to begin to get our deficits under control.

The President lays out a clear strategy to move the country forward -- past the dysfunction and into a future built on a strong middle class.

No matter where you stand on the issues, it's important to know where President Obama does.

This debate can either stay trapped in Washington DC, or you can make sure your friends and neighbors participate. You've shown that getting people outside of Washington involved shifts,  the conversation in favor of the middle-class priorities.
Back to Work

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President Obama Tears up Talking to Staff

A moment in time which you can feel

You don't get to see this much of a man who is President. A private moment that releases feelings is a sign of truth in what a man believes. You know something I believe our President has changed along with all that is going on. This is a tough job, a hard job, with much ridicule and objection. So to have a short clip of a man who runs the country where you can see and feel his heart, well those moments are few and far between.  

This is our President, you are only human Sir like the rest of us, thanks for showing it.  Maybe things will change, we just need to keep the pressure on to what is causing so many malfunctions across the board.  This country was once a tribe and from that we all love something that will never change.  While all of us on this planet have our differences this is one thing that remains,  you love something.  I believe for society that we as a people are still evolving,  for which will be more feelings as being humane for each other.  This is the most important change we need and most complex for it is one another.  

Starts with me, starts with you, were going to have to help if you want a better tomorrow. 

President Barack Obama's visit Wednesday to his campaign headquarters in Chicago shows the newly re-elected commander in chief becoming emotional while heralding the hard work of his young staffers.

"I am absolutely confident that all of you are going to do amazing things in your lives," Obama says in the video, which was posted on his campaign's official You Tube page Thursday.

In his brief speech to the young crowd, Obama drew parallels to the work his team had just finished and the community organizing post he took up when he first moved to the Windy City at 25, saying his campaign team was "so much better than I was" at accomplishing their goals.

Toward the end of his five-minute long remarks, Obama got choked up telling the crowd of campaign staffers how proud he was of their hard work.

"Even before last night's results, I felt that the work I had done in running for office had come full circle. Because what you guys have done means that the work I am doing is important. And I'm really proud of that. I'm really proud of you," Obama said, wiping away tears.

The show of emotion from the president -- rare for Obama -- was met with loud applause.

"What you guys have accomplished will go in the annals of history," Obama said.

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Tax Cuts Expire end of 2012

Well it's like a fire sale, no matter who wins the election your going to see higher taxes. If Congress does nothing, tax rates on income, capital gains, dividends and estates will increase on ordinary income would reach 39.6 percent, up from 35 percent, and the top rate on capital gains would be 23.8 percent, up from 15 percent. That is why you see so many McMansion homes on the market today!

About 88 percent of households would see a tax increase. Those who would avoid it include people who don’t have wage income subject to the payroll tax and who don’t make enough from other income to pay taxes. This group includes low-income senior citizens on Social Security. The estimated $536 billion tax increase will have a potential economic effects of tax increases, particularly for business owners who report their profits on individual returns. How the hell is that going to create more jobs?

Congress fiscal cliff is pushing you off it is not clear yet for the numbers are not in for the simple reason they won't be starting on this till tomorrow after the election. The Republicans want to keep the tax breaks but who knows? Were going to find out, lets face it the fiscal cliff is Congress is broke and were going to pay! The top statutory tax rate on ordinary income would reach 39.6 percent, up from 35 percent, and the top rate on capital gains would be 23.8 percent, up from 15 percent.

History of the Income Tax in the United States

Source: Tax Foundation

The nation had few taxes in its early history. From 1791 to 1802, the United States government was supported by internal taxes on distilled spirits, carriages, refined sugar, tobacco and snuff, property sold at auction, corporate bonds, and slaves. The high cost of the War of 1812 brought about the nation's first sales taxes on gold, silverware, jewelry, and watches. In 1817, however, Congress did away with all internal taxes, relying on tariffs on imported goods to provide sufficient funds for running the government.

In 1862, in order to support the Civil War effort, Congress enacted the nation's first income tax law. It was a forerunner of our modern income tax in that it was based on the principles of graduated, or progressive, taxation and of withholding income at the source. During the Civil War, a person earning from $600 to $10,000 per year paid tax at the rate of 3%. Those with incomes of more than $10,000 paid taxes at a higher rate. Additional sales and excise taxes were added, and an “inheritance” tax also made its debut. In 1866, internal revenue collections reached their highest point in the nation's 90-year history—more than $310 million, an amount not reached again until 1911.

The Act of 1862 established the office of Commissioner of Internal Revenue. The Commissioner was given the power to assess, levy, and collect taxes, and the right to enforce the tax laws through seizure of property and income and through prosecution. The powers and authority remain very much the same today.

In 1868, Congress again focused its taxation efforts on tobacco and distilled spirits and eliminated the income tax in 1872. It had a short-lived revival in 1894 and 1895. In the latter year, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that the income tax was unconstitutional because it was not apportioned among the states in conformity with the Constitution.

In 1913, the 16th Amendment to the Constitution made the income tax a permanent fixture in the U.S. tax system. The amendment gave Congress legal authority to tax income and resulted in a revenue law that taxed incomes of both individuals and corporations. In fiscal year 1918, annual internal revenue collections for the first time passed the billion-dollar mark, rising to $5.4 billion by 1920. With the advent of World War II, employment increased, as did tax collections—to $7.3 billion. The withholding tax on wages was introduced in 1943 and was instrumental in increasing the number of taxpayers to 60 million and tax collections to $43 billion by 1945.

My friends that is why that on your birth certificate your name is in all CAPITAL LETTERS and on every document you sign. You are treated as a corporation, when you were in school you learned to write your name as one capital letter first then all small caps after. All capital letters is not the real person look this up, this is known as your STRAW MAN  (I'll make this fun).

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I said this before there is no election this year, no society has survived the test of time, we are going to be no different. So enjoy a new song from the Stones, kind of fitting for the times.  Reason being that Florida had not counted all the votes even though the election was over but all the electoral collage votes were counted the rest would be counted by Saturday.  The 91st Congress took this on and tried to abolish electoral vote it did not pass.  This was OK in the day when few people lived in many states and those with large population would dominate the vote, you need a balance the electoral vote worked also the public was not informed back then as to now.  The electoral collage can appoint a president but the public needs to vote for them.  Those who stood in line down in Florida,  hows does it make you feel the election was over and your vote was not counted yet.     

2nd term for President Obama

Well Obama wins,  Wall Street will be down tomorrow. Wall Street invested millions in Romney's candidacy in large part because Obama has antagonized the financial community with calls to raise taxes on the wealthy as part of any deficit reduction package. In addition to the Obama victory, Democrats will maintain control of the U.S. Senate. That means the agenda of the conservative House of Representatives has a much harder path to realize its policy hopes of big tax and spending cuts. Were going to find out. 

Best to you Pod!

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Repo 105?

If there has ever been a Betty Crocker  recipe for book cooking it's this Repo 105 and 108 which is the same just a percentage separates the two by 3%.  Now accounting is become rocket science,  firms are hiring grads from MIT with math majors and you would have to be one to even begin to calculate their books.

Repo 105 is an accounting maneuver where a short-term loan is classified as a sale. The cash obtained through this "sale" is then used to pay down debt, allowing the company to appear to reduce its leverage by temporarily paying down liabilities—just long enough to reflect on the company's published balance sheet. After the company's financial reports are published, the company borrows cash and repurchases its original assets.  Now isn't that clever,  a temporary move to hide your toxic assets until underwriters are done looking your books over and then give the borrowed money back to your buddy.  But oops,  Lehman could not pay back the borrowed money and all hell broke lose.

Same thing happen to AIG when they created insurance for the swaps and derivatives sold to fund managers and other counties through out the world like Greece,  the rug was pulled because Lehman went BK so AIG could not cover their spread.  Then the bailout started, they all got money from the Feds on the backs of American tax payers (Thank You) with that there was no demand for what they should do with the bailout money.  So now with all that cash  from the Feds the battle field has begun.  Wall Street does not want to be regulated and has hired attorneys along with lobbyist with the hundred of millions and even billions to halt regulators from the fat cow profits they designed.

They got the bailouts and instead of helping they bit the hand that feeds them so this shell game that contains no red ball can continue.  Because lets face it, no profit has ever been created like the subprime melt down, we have a junkie on our hands.  What you need to do is control your own investing, many programs available with purchase of stocks directly through a company itself,  no need for a broker or fund manager, instead of feeding this junkie cut them off.

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