Pink Fire Pointer Back to Work Everybody

Back to Work Everybody

I think,  just maybe our sinking Titanic has found a way to start a bilge pump, man I hope it starts!

The next 53 days are crucial. That's how much time Washington has to come together to stop taxes from going up for 114 million middle class families. That's how much time we have to figure out the right way to begin to get our deficits under control.

The President lays out a clear strategy to move the country forward -- past the dysfunction and into a future built on a strong middle class.

No matter where you stand on the issues, it's important to know where President Obama does.

This debate can either stay trapped in Washington DC, or you can make sure your friends and neighbors participate. You've shown that getting people outside of Washington involved shifts,  the conversation in favor of the middle-class priorities.
Back to Work

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