Pink Fire Pointer Occupy- Police and thieves

Occupy- Police and thieves

A tribute to Occupy, your noticed around the world for the stand you have taken against crooked corporations who have robbed the public.

The Wall Street gangsters have gotten American tax payer dollars and are now using this money to hire attorneys and lobbyist to fight regulations. From derivatives, swaps, sub-prime mortgages, Repo 105 & 108 account practices, who can you trust? Well actually this is why Greece has failed they bought into this not knowing what they bought and have paid dearly for it! It's understood that no one entity can explain all the tools in financial trading today, so with that are you going to invest your money if you don't know how and why it works? But a broker or trader along with fund managers tells you, by investing in these modern mechanisms it brings your debt down and so the investor believed this would work for them. As this unfolded the only ones cashing in were the financial institutions who created them.

Now for the next gold rush and what will they create, for the fact of the matter is no profits have been higher since Hedge Funds created in 1968. Mirroring the earlier booms in financial speculations in performance fees-structured investment vehicles of the 1920s and 1960s, during the 1990s the number of hedge funds increased significantly, with investments provided by the new wealth that was created during the 1990s stock market rise. During the first decade of the new century, hedge funds regained popularity worldwide and in 2008, the worldwide industry held US$1.93 trillion in assets under management. However the 2008 credit crunch was hard on hedge funds and they declined in value and hampered "liquidity in some markets" causing some hedge funds to restrict investor withdrawals. What does this mean, the financial institutions are battling right now in Washington (the hand that fed them) so they can create the next gold rush. Lets face it, after the profits from the financial melt down their not going to be satisfied with small percentage gain, what is the fun in that?

This is like a junkie looking for the next fix, the financial melt down was a super high in profits never seen, thus greed always finds an endless field of conquest and leaves the man endlessly dissatisfied. Watch who you do business with and know what your investing in. Even though MIT math majors are working in finance today, this is not rocket science because if you don't know how it works you won't launch, hell you won't even go out to the pad to see if it does fly. Simple for all of us, if you do not like the way a corporation is doing business don't buy what it sells in service or products, make them earn it. Grade them as if in school, a passing grade earns business a falling grade will close their doors. Best advice for anyone anymore is, don't depend on advice to as where to put your money, education is expensive and we are broke. Take the time to learn to what is available and who is behind it.

In an anonymous survey of CFOs last year, the study found that at least 20% of companies are "managing" earnings and using aggressive accounting methods to legally alter the outcome of their earnings reports.

What may surprise you is that these accounting methods used by CFOs to "manage" the numbers are completely legal.

Occupy This!

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