Pink Fire Pointer Merry Christmas Together Year in Review

Merry Christmas Together Year in Review

Time to reflect on the year and every year that has gone bye.  The thing about Christmas,  not so much a religion celebration of GOD but a way for entire communities around the planet in achieving hope, love, sharing, caring,  togetherness and most certenley world peace.  This alone is the true meaning of Christmas of any religious beliefs, one that brings an individual of understanding what it is to be more humane than human.  To push your limits to a threshold where others also benefit from the example of one person.  A hero if you will that fills your heart no matter who that person is and you don't even think to judge that human because you were inspired.  This alone will bring people together and strive for a better tomorrow.  

What helps here is the time you sacrifice for anything or anyone, the best example of this mood is a dog, always waiting for you to come home and always willing to be with you wherever you go.  I know of no greater heart and the reason why is because that creature loves you.  In the pass 13 years I've come up with a way for all of us to move forward and that is we all love something, it is this sense of emotion that will bring us together no matter who you are and looking at one another we have this in common in order to bond.  In the passage at the top of this blog you read about Apollo 13, this is the ship we are on and the goal of the day is to be happy in what we are doing, now how is that going to work?  I've worked on this from one end to another where it will help in business and a family unit as a whole. Just Google rightwiththeship and get a feel of what this is about, I can tell you from here it's about all of us, the good people of Earth willing to work and sacrifice for a better tomorrow, Team Earth. 

 Want some mechanics of this, look at The G.C.C.U. time to earn it for those in business who only believe in themselves, this theory is not helping you and it is that which we will change because feeling in life of what you are doing is going to out weigh what you are profiting this will come later from the volume, simply your making people happy and that works.

I'm Native American and I'm here for Us,
Mark Brewer

What Brought Us Together (List)

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