Pink Fire Pointer Leading the way from Fiscal Cliffs

Leading the way from Fiscal Cliffs

First off Happy New Year!

Leading The Way

This Fiscal Cliff thing is some real drama,  like your not enough stressed  out with the slow turn around of the economy.  The market is not the same animal anymore and the tools you used,  well you might as well pack em in.    As this dog and pony show played out kind of leaves you as helpless,  you do not want to be at the mercy of anything,  especially a team of individuals who do not sweat the bills they pass.  This has been more like a production of Hollywood then a government by the people,  the sad thing is we vote for this.  All of this is out of control  from towns, cities and states as a whole corruption is the ruler of the day and into the night, did you get much sleep?  Are you happy?

The real drama here is going to be the next bubble not a cliff.  Like the Sub-prime fiasco everybody had their hand in the cookie jar (free homes) this was like a kid looking at chocolate through a plate glass window and the owner waves you in.  Now what has shored all this up where your not eating road kill for supper yet.  Remember all the Stimulus Money from all world governments?  Like sand bags lining the shore as to keep the rising water out!  Yes sir you have to put a face on this money just like the sub-prime, derivatives and swaps when the market went to hell.

 But you say we're coming back,  housing is up we missed the Fiscal Cliff (update 40min ago 4:30pm CST waiting on the House, passed the vote 257-167) and maybe milk wont go to $7 dollars a gallon, that frickin bill should just be burned.

Some highlights of our near cliff,  ah we went over:
(note all of this came over the wire in bits and pieces)

Payroll taxes rose to 6.2% under the deal, from 4.2% last year.

The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center estimates that 77% of Americans will see higher taxes because of the elimination of the payroll tax cut, meaning $115 billion less in disposable income.

A household making $50,000 to 75,000 a year will make $822 less this year than last year, according to Rosenberg’s calculations. Those making $75,000 to $100,000 will see $1,206 less in their paychecks, while those making $200,000 to $500,000 will see a drop of $2,711 in their paychecks.

Under the Senate deal, passed in the Senate by an 89-8 vote, taxes would remain steady for the middle class but rise at incomes over $400,000 for individuals and $450,000 for couples.

The measure also allocates $24 billion in spending cuts and new revenues to defer, for two months, some $109 billion worth of automatic spending cuts that were set to slap the Pentagon and domestic programs starting this week.

The measure would raise the top tax rate on large estates to 40 percent, with a $5 million exemption on estates inherited from individuals and a $10 million exemption on family estates. At the insistence of Republicans and some Democrats, the exemption levels would be indexed for inflation.

Taxes on capital gains and dividends over $400,000 for individuals and $450,000 for couples would be taxed at 20 percent, up from 15 percent.

The bill would also extend jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed for an additional year at a cost of $30 billion, and would spend $31 billion to prevent a 27 percent cut in Medicare payments to doctors.

Another $64 billion would go to renew tax breaks for businesses and for renewable energy purposes, like tax credits for energy-efficient appliances. 

Will see what Wall Street thinks of this tomorrow, good for the average Joe cause he's broke. (good the market is up over 308 points but notice how long we have been stuck around 13000 for the Dow)  Sorry for the interruption the boys' were working late on the cliff, so where was I,  ah yes.   

What has been created here is yet another cookie jar but this one is not sitting on the counter.  Even at low interest rates the average Joe is having a hard time getting a loan,  now how is that possible?  The banks were bailed out with future tax money (from the people, we're a tool) but the loans are not flowing for the simple reason the rates are too low, not enough profit here for the Jack Wagons' who created all of this.  You will be able to get this loan easier when the rates do go up but at which point all the Stimulus will go up with it.  For intense,  if the rate goes up 1% the US will pay $100 billion dollars more a year just on the interest of the loan.  So the Bankers' of the world are rolling their hands waiting for this day to arrive and yes it is coming.

What happen to the cream?

Now many states in America are hurting for money and like the average Joe they also are having a hard time getting a loan.  They can get the loan but since the regulators have down graded their credit (by the way the regulators graded the paper on the sub-prime as good paper yeah right) so even if a state got a loan the interest rate is too high to make it feasible.  So the next phase of all of this is a state at some point is going to go BK.  Now in a way this is a good thing, think about all the corruption out there.  The Jack Wagons' have been skimming the cream off the top of the milk pail far too long and if a state cannot get a loan what cream are the Jack Wagons' going to skim from, none!  So what this will create is they will be looking at others piles of money from their so called friends which all are bought and sold and will be salivating like pavlov's dogs because that's all there is left, this will keep the Jack Wagons' busy for they are as bad as a Heroin addict. (they will be looking at drug money and the Cartel will take care of that)

What comes down will only go up

This next bubble is going to be hard on the economy as a whole through out the world but it's going to change the way we do business.  To many people writing about this stuff always leave in a fear factor, like calling people sheeple and telling you to wake up.  I will and do not come off this way, its too easy to tell you what is wrong (like heading towards a cliff).  The idea is to give you tools you can use to fight all the crap bills that get passed into law.  The corruption part of society has this well sown up,  makes it very hard for an individual to maneuver.  So the bills of legislation and regulation make it so, well not if you participate in the game,  all the bills to the moon can't make you purchase what you don't need or want.   The key here in this new market is not to be a individual but to assemble as a purchasing group, that alone puts the fear into the bill makers and this needs to happen, the creation of the G.C.C.U. is a good example of this.  All for one and one for all,  our kids depend on this or their sunk!

Want to get to the point where we're happy damn it!  Leading the way to this is we all love something,  that alone is going to throw the switch of how we market and do business.  Real simple,  to the ones in business,  what the hell are you doing out there!    With a sea of faces looking in,  those entities are either going to do good or doors will be closed.   You can thank me later,  but right now I'm picking you for a new tool box.

This video is scary,  but the counties around the world their arm is broken and it has to be set in order to heal, that's going to hurt like hell!  But like the old saying from Lost in Space " Have no fear Smith is here"  and who is this Smith fellow, that's right Pod an American Indian at your service, once again you can thank me later, right now we got work to do!  Don't be scared need to get rid of some bad apples,  for there is lots of good trees out there.

Native Son
Mark Brewer

Fact Sheet on tax Cliff   (all the info is not here why?)

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Didn't mean to scare the heck out of folks (watch this small clip about the cliff at 5:50 to 5:57 I don't even think that's funny Joe)