Pink Fire Pointer Could The Mayan Clock be Off?

Could The Mayan Clock be Off?

Well we skated on the 21st of Dec. 2012 on the Mayan predictions but when looking around the world today might the Mayan clock be off?  My meaning here is like someone has opened up Pandora's box,  a can of Whoop Ass has been pounding on many countries across the globe and no one is skating.  The ground shacking all over the place,  people wadding in neck deep water and extreme temperatures from -50 degrees Fahrenheit in Siberia to a sweltering 130 that was recorded in Australia.  The weather team down there had to reconfigure the color code of temps depicted on the weather map,  that's a first you do not want to experience. Yep the climate is changing but to what degree?  Records are being broken since we been recording them but in comparison to what we've been accustom to we're not in Kansas any more Toto.

Some extreme weather records

This is changing the way we're going to live on the planet.  Moving to higher ground, getting away from fault lines, away from parched land that burns with just a lighting stick that consumes 100 of thousands acres and storms that are whipping up the deadliest tornado's and hurricanes we have ever seen.  Just one of our oldest weather records dates out at 1820, that's only 193 years.  Think of the climate changes the planet has gone through in the pass 4.5 billion years,  ah that would be more than the years we have been keeping records.  So this is going take some getting use to,  until she settles down.  Unlike a meteorite which just hit Russia or polar shifts are abrupt changes,  man I don't know how we would adjust to that.  Survival of the fittest I guess as it keeps coming and brother it's here.

Video uploaded by U Tube user fidockave213


Video uploaded by U Tube user fidockave213