Pink Fire Pointer Really Really Bad?

Really Really Bad?

My daughter’s field trip got cancelled. Much to her chagrin, as she had packed her bags already a week in advance. “Due to the current situation in Lebanon and the location of our destination, it has been decided that it will be best not to take the students,” the note from school reads.

It's been raining in Beirut

Due to the current situation?” I ask my hubbie, “What situation?” Deng, I am thinking, I should listen to the news more often.
The situation is bad, Siets,” he replies.
Really bad? Did anything happen?
Well, the situation is not very good. It’s bad.”
So nothing happened?”
Well, not specifically, but the situation is really bad.”
You said that two month ago as well.
Yes, but now is worse. It is really really bad.

Really bad? Like really really bad, because it was already really bad two months ago, and then it was worse than two months before that, when you said it was really really bad, and that time was also worse than the time before that, I am thinking. He’s been saying the situation is bad since 2005, and it’s gotten increasingly bad ever since, so I am wondering, how much more ‘really bad’ can we go?

Still raining . . . 
I don’t have time for this nonsense. Life is infinitely brighter when you do not watch the news.