Pink Fire Pointer The End of The Monetary System?

The End of The Monetary System?

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Trade has existed since man needed something, like a tool which was the first to be traded of Cavemen you probably received food for that trade. There was no money they did not know of gold and or silver only what supported life for survival. Just like nature it's self, no money is traded amongst animals the planet provides for their needs but need to forage for food and shelter like any species here on Earth. Human's have created the monetary system (money) and indeed it is an illusion when your without, but all around you.
The monetary system is failing for the simple reason it's not created for all, too many are poor and suppressed with no chance of advancement to better the quality of life. We're seeing a harder time coming than The Great Depression, reason being is that the control of money is not in our hands and the books are cooked by the Betty Crocker's of Governments our Central Banks, Federial Reserve and large Corporations all in tune with themselves. Too much greed and power has been implemented in this system and is a house of cards for all humanity, that's going to come down hard!

Now since wealth is only shared by a small amount of humans' on the planet what the hell good is it for mankind, none!  In stead of working for the good of your country and corporation we need to be thinking of our existence as a whole, all people. With this mind sink all individuals will have a chance to strive for the existence of not only our species but all life on Earth as a whole. Without money you remove the equation of creed and corruption from the formula of existence at which point all persons have a level in which to achieve to improve our existence on the planet now and into the future. Think of all the lives wasted right now because they are suppressed, not able to grow in knowledge and creation to better support all of us. The Mayans' where right this is The End Times we are going to move forward in our civilization.

Growth in the economy today seeks out advantages as with manufacturing to hire lower paid workers to turn a profit. The UK along with the USA has lost most of it's manufacturing platform that went to Japan and China, so now the standard of living has risen in these countries from the out put of productions of products.  Manufacturing is looking back at the USA right now for the simple reason the wages have dropped. This is only taking advantage of human pools who will work cheaper for a dollar and no real insensitive coming from your effort except you create more profit. Money holds many advancements at bay, just look at any manufacture that needs to cut cost in order to turn a profit, you end up with a cheaper product and a shorter life span of that product. Without that we would have no economy for products have to end in order to buy again. We are not really ready for this thinking of no money in our society because it's all we know but think of this, without money putting a strangle hold on on R&D and materials to build the best as to what is available our engineering would be the best we had ever seen. You would be working towards a better life which involves all humans not just a few. Take money out of the equation and you rid of many rules and regulations which are not followed anyway, so there would be less crime. You will see more of this as this crisis unfolds, if you think money is not an illusion the morning you wake up and your balances are zero is when it will hit home, it will be at this point will start over and hopefully rethink our existence.

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